The femoral neck study

The trial is as a multicenter study conducted by Ahus University hospital in cooperation with Bærum hospital and Elverum hospital. Patients with undisplaced femoral neck fractures older than seventy years of age admitted to either one of these hospitals are invited to participate. Patients consenting to participation are randomly allocated to treatment with hemiarthroplasty or internal fixation. Those who choose not to participate are treated with internal fixation using two cannulated hip screw according to present guidelines.

Patients participating in the study return for follow-up evaluations at three months, one year and two years. Harris Hip Score constitutes the main outcome measure, but a wide array of different tests, clinical data and questionnaires are registered including quality of life (Eq5D) and Timed Up and Go Test (TUG). In essence however, the study emphasizes on functional endpoints.

Physiotherapists examine function and hip joint mobility. TUG measures the time required to rise up from a chair, walk three meters, turn around, walk back to the chair and sit down.

The purpose of the study is to determine if hemiarthroplasty of undisplaced fractures of the femoral neck provides better results compared to internal fixation. Although, internal fixation represents the preferred choice of treatment for undisplaced femoral neck fractures, there is little data pertaining to its benefits over other treatments. On the contrary, a few studies suggest that the functional outcome following hemiarthroplasty is better when compared to internal fixation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The study could therefor provide valuable data aiding the continued effort to improve treatment of femoral neck fractures.
Principal investigator
Filip Dolatowski, Specialty registrar, Ahus University Hospital

Stein Erik Utvåg, Consultant, Ahus University Hospital
Sigurd Erik Hoelsbrekken, Specialty registrar, Kongsvinger Hospital
Frede Frihagen, Consultant, Oslo University Hospital
Ove Talsnes, Consultant, Elverum Hospital
Vidar Opland, Consultant, Bærum Hospital
Wender Figved, Consultant, Bærum Hospital